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Flowers!: 21 Best Places in Europe To See Them

‘Tis the season to fall in love with flowers!

As the blazing summer sun starts to heat up Europe there is a collective happiness and excitement in the air. The urge to getaway and book a trip somewhere – anywhere! – is at the forefront of our minds.

The summer sun makes your days perfect for exploring, the sea is the optimum temperature for swimming, the food tastes better after a long day of walking, and it feels SO GOOD to have your bare skin soak up the suns rays (with suncream of course). 

Smelling wild flowers in Ascq, northern France

But arguably one of the best things about travelling in summer is the flowers. You’ll see photos all over social media of people posing in flowers, around flowers, underneath flowers, above flowers…. there is just someting magical about the natural beauty of wild flowers, and it’s really hard to take a bad photo with them! There’s also a very short window of time to see them in full bloom which makes it even more special when you do manage to see them!

Here are 10 PERFECT locations to visit if you want to see beautiful flowers!

1. France

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the whole of France must consist purely of lavender fields with all the different locations home to lavender fields, but there are just a few very specific places to go if you really want to see the flowers looking spectacular. And as you’ll see, there is more to France than just lavender…  

↠ Giverny – Home of Claude Monet

Giverny is where famous painter Claude Monet lived, and his garden (which he lovingly crafted himself) was the inspiration for his series of paintings, ‘Water Lilies‘. When you see his garden you automatically recognise and understand how they inspired the famous paintings.

Photo by Ariane Cauderlier

↠ Vaucluse, Provence – Lavender for days

Provence is particularly famous for it’s far-reaching fields of purple lavender that serve not only as a feast for the eyes but also a tickle of the nostrils too 😂

In addition to never-ending fields of purple, Sénanque Abbey is nestled right amongst them, making the view even more picturesque. Monks live in the abbey; they’re the people who grow and tend to the lavender for their livelihood – and they also look after bees!   

↠ Loire Valley – Castles and flowers

The Loire Valley is very well known for it’s expansive vineyards, beautiful chateaux and historic towns. The flowers in the Loire Valley only add to the natural beauty of the region, particularly as they have a kind-of wild appeal to them. Chateau de Sully-Sur-Loire is one of the most stunning chateau in France, and the flowers there only compliment it’s ethereal beauty. 

↠ Grignan, Drôme Provençale – Medieval beauty

Grignan is a medieval village on a hill that just happens to be surrounded by… you guessed it, lavender.

However, it’s the serenity of Grignan that really makes this place special; the stone buildings almost shimmer in the summer sun, which only adds further beauty to the already dreamy view of purple fields. There is a panoramic view wherever you are in the village so it’s almost impossible to take a bad picture of this place! 


↠ Valensole – Peace in purple

Valensole is famous not only for it’s lavender but also it’s expansive wheat fields literally right next to the lavender that creates a striking contrast between honey-yellow and purple –  all surrounded by various tiny villages. Cute!


↠ Paris, France – Eiffel Tower + Flowers = 😍

There’s a very short window of time to see the Eiffel Tower with all the blossom in bloom but when you do see it, it’s incredible. Just a few weeks can make a huge difference so make sure to research your timing if you want to see it in bloom.

In fact, I went to Paris and saw the view of the tower completely barren – cold and dark (but of course still spectacular, as always), 

However, a month later I was back in Paris and this time the blossom was there! Really, a month made all the difference! It’s like seeing the city in a completely new way!  


↠ Normandy – Bright red poppy fields

Everybody knows about the beautifully bright red poppy fields in Normandy; after all, most of us have heard about the Flanders poppies that bloomed on the battlefields after World War 1. When they’re in full bloom it is a true sight to behold! And a beautiful way to commemorate all the fallen soldiers.


2. Germany

↠ Bonn – The cherry blossom tunnel

I’ve seen this tunnel in Bonn a thousand times on Instagram and every time I see it I’m amazed. The trees are Japanese blossom trees and were planted in the 1980’s but as you can see, they continue to bloom every year, causing this spectacular view. It’s best seen in mid-April.


↠ Mainau Island, Munich – Tropical island… in Germany?

Mainau Island is an almost tropical place – crazy considering it’s in Germany, just next to Switzerland and Austria, not two usual locations when you think of a tropical island. 

Around a million tulips, rhododendrons, scented roses, perennials and colourful dahlias bloom in the park and gardens, whilst palms and citrus plants make the place feel really Mediterranean. There is a also a Baroque castle and a butterfly house!

The view from above!

3. Netherlands

↠ Central Amsterdam – Flowers along the canal

Amsterdam has always been known for it’s vast array of canals, lined by hundreds of bikes, and in the summer, thousands of flowers. It’s part of the charm and beauty of Amsterdam!


↠  Park Keukenhof, Lisse – So many flowers!

Well this is less of a summer place and actually more of a spring location considering it’s only open from the end of March until mid-May… however, it’s so beautiful that I just had to include it!

Park Keukenhof, located between Amsterdam and The Hague, is also known as the “Garden of Europe“. It’s one of the world’s largest flower gardens with over 7 million flower bulbs being planted every year! 

4. Belgium

↠ Bruges – Summer Winter wonderland!

Bruges is a beautiful, historic little town, full of rivers, waffles and chocolate.

Actually, being honest there are not a lot of flowers in Bruges 😂 My bad. But I had to include this location as in winter it is truly like something out of a fairytale! There are no flowers… but look at the colours. 


↠ Halle – Bluebell woods!

The Hallerbos Woods in Halle, Belgium are really something special. In only one specific month-long period the whole floor of the woods is carpeted in a sea of blue-purple bluebells. But be quick – they only bloom from mid-May until mid-April. Check out my post below when I went to see the woods!

Read about when I visited Hallerbos Woods in Belgium!


5. Italy

↠ Tuscany – Pots of flowers line the streets

Tuscany is an absolutely breath-taking place (as is most of Italy), but when the flowers are blooming it’s absolutely spectacular. I dream of spending a summer travelling around Italy – 2 months of good food, good views and good weather – sounds perfect, no?

Rather than a wide expanse of flowers Tuscany is more known for it’s bright flowers dotted around by locals. Pots of flowers line the streets, bringing the cobbled roads to life!


↠ Spello – Flower boxes on every wall 

Spello is another beautiful medieval town in Italy where the locals take great pride in their flower boxes! Best seen in summer where the flowers shine in the sun! 


↠ Amalfi Coast – Breathtaking views

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever had the luck of visiting.

Crystal clear sea, mountains, volcanoes, multi-coloured houses built into the cliff top and not only that but tons of great places to see and take photos of beautiful, bright flowers – Sorrento is one of my favourite places ever! Oh also, there are lemon trees everywhere.

6. England

↠ Isles of Scilly, Cornwall – English wilderness

My native country of England, isn’t particularly well-known for it’s flowers, but it does have some hidden gems. The Isles of Scilly are one of these places! Perhaps not as breathtaking as other places to see flowers, but walking through wild flowers in the English countryside has it’s own charm!  


↠ London – It’s the cafés that count

Something you’ll notice about London is just how many cafés and restaurants take great pride in their flower displays. Not only are they gorgeous but they’re also enticing – I know I definitely want to sip a coffee whilst sitting amongst bright, beautiful flowers!

Try Elan Café, Peggy Porschen and Dalloway Terrace.

Peggy Porschen | Source
Dalloway Terrace | Source
Élan Café | Source

7. Hungary

↠ Budapest – See the city through the blossom’s eyes

Although there are not a lot of wide expanses of flowers in Budapest, there are particular places where there is a smattering of flowers that make the view look beyond dreamy. 

View over Liberty Bridge, Budapest
View of the Hungarian parliament, taken by one of my favourite photographers – who’s 15! | See his work here

↠ Balaton, Kőröshegyi – Lavender everywhere

Lavender fields are pretty common in Europe – there must be one for every country – but that doesn’t detract from how beautiful the ones in Balaton are. Dreamy purple fields in the middle of the Hungarian countryside – perfect!

This photo was taken by one of my favourite photographers – who’s 15! | See his work here

So there you go! 21 amazing places to travel to if you want to see flowers! Do you have any more suggestions?? I wanna hear! Leave me a comment 😊

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