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Antwerp, Belgium: A Photo Diary

Antwerp, Belgium: known for being the second biggest city in Belgium, and for having the biggest port in the country!

The Kingdom of Belgium

If you didn’t know, Belgium is split into 3 regions consisting of 10 provinces, each with their own different way of life and culture. Antwerp (also known as Antwerpen in Dutch and Anvers in French), is in the Flemish region, also known as Flanders, and is as far north as you can get in Belgium.

I have so much to say about Antwerp, and Belgium in general, but for now just enjoy a few photos of my visit and get a feel for the city 🙂

For this trip I was joined by my friend Fred and his little rescue dog, Filou 🙂 Filou is really scared of, well, everything… she’s a rescue dog and was previously abused 🙁

I know he will read this and tell me I should’ve mentioned to ADOPT DON’T SHOP so instead I’ll say it now and then he won’t tell me off later 😉


I arrived just before sunset so my first view of the centre of Antwerp was against a darkening sky – beautiful!
In tribute to the famous 1872 book ‘The Dog of Flanders’, this statue depicts the main characters Nello and Pastrache. Read about it here
By sunset again
Botanical Gardens of Antwerp
An amazing exhibiiton I saw!
The famous port
Antwerp is a very arty city, so you’ll see everyday things customised like this a lot!
Petit Filou!
Another exhibition
Antwerp Central station
Fred’s studio (he’s an artist)
The sun had started to fall at this point but the river was still impressive
A tunnel that goes under the river – the escalators are from the 1920’s and haven’t been replaced or modified since their installation
The tunnel under the river
Spot the Dobby
Tram lines are everywhere!
I love that I took this picture with the two people hugging

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