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Postcrossing: Send & Receive Postcards From All Over The World (For Free!)

Everywhere I travel I always pick up a postcard, even if it’s tiny town or somewhere not that particularly remarkable… I always have to get one! Mainly as a memory of my trip but also for another photo to add to my ‘‘postcard wall‘ 😉

Not my postcard wall, but what I’m aiming for!

When I look at all the postcards I’ve collected it really makes me happy. Obviously I have a thousand photographs of my travels but nothing beats looking at these postcards knowing that they physically existed in the place and now they’re here with me. My travel buddies are exactly the same – we always love searching together for the best postcards everywhere we go!

That makes Postcrossing the best thing I’ve found all year!

Postcards from Amsterdam

What is Postcrossing?

Postcrossing is a way for you to receive postcards from all over the world – for free! Although to receive a postcard you do have to send one, and if you’re sending one internationally it can cost up to 1.50€.

Some would say you’re just paying for the postcards you receive, but I don’t see it quite like that. Sure, you have to send a card to receive one but I think it’s so cool that every postcard you receive comes with a handwritten message from someone you’ve never met, in a completely different part of the world to you!

So far I’ve sent postcards to Ukraine, Russia, Germany and the USA. I’ve received postcards from Russia, Germany, Spain, the USA and the Netherlands! 🙂

Postcards received through Postcrossing
Postcards I’ve received through Postcrossing

Even though you can talk to anyone anywhere in the world at the click of a button these days (internet, wahey), there’s something special about receiving something handwritten from a stranger in a different country.

And if you’re stuck for ideas on what to write, then that’s easy: every person involved has an account with a profile showing their age, where they live, their interests and more. So you can write a message to a real-life person with an actual personality, not just send the postcard to someone you know absolutely nothing about.

I think it’s really cool because as I mention in my profile that I really love art I tend to receive lots of awesome postcards of art and artists that people think I’ll love, or that they discovered when travelling. I love that people think of what I’ll like when they send me cards!

In Conclusion…

I just had to tell you guys about this because I think it’s just so cool to be able to do this kind of thing! Especially with people all over the world!

If you love to travel like me then go to Postcrossing and sign up to start sending postcards – it’ll be so fun when a postcard from someone random that you’ve never met arrives through your door!


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