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My Digital Nomad Dream (and how I’m making it come true!) – Part 1/3

This blog post is a 3-parter. In part 1, I’m going to break down why I want to be a digital nomad, and what my goal involves. In part 2, I’ll explain how I intend to achieve it. In part 3 (which I hope comes really soon!) I will tell you what day I start my digital nomad lifestyle and how I’ve planned for my first trip! Let’s go!

Since you’re on this blog, it’s probably pretty clear to you that I love travelling. I mean, that’s what this whole site is based blog is based on, right?

But constantly travelling is not something that’s easy to pull off if you don’t have a *huge* amount of savings, and just because I’m travelling a lot doesn’t mean I want to skip the professional and skill development that comes with having a good job.

Working from home in my apartment in France

Unlike many other people on the internet who make their life seem like one long travel adventure where nothing goes wrong and everything is beautiful, it’s just not that simple in real life!

And unless you’re being endlessly sponsored to take trips it is extremely difficult to maintain the travelling lifestyle when you have a day job, or little money, or you’re studying… or various other reasons! (By the way – good for them if they’re getting sponsored because it’s hard work to get to that level and hard work to maintain it!).

My goal: become a digital nomad

So here’s the goal I wrote in my diary (a part of making a goal come to life is to be super clear about it!).

“I intend to be a digital nomad. This means I will travel consistently (or for the majority of the year) whilst working (in digital marketing) so I can maintain my travel blog whilst also working on my career.”

Cool dream huh? What do you think – you think it’s attainable?

And just for fun, I decided to document my journey from now until the day I can officially say: here it is, I’m a fully-fledged digital nomad! Because I want to prove that you can make any crazy dream come to life if you’re smart enough!

Goal-setting 101: Get clear about what you want

So, getting clear on what you want is one of the best ways to achieve that goal. The clearer you are, the more you will understand what actions to take to achieve it. Not only that but you’ll start to understand whether an opportunity being presented to you is aligned with your vision or not.

Obviously, I want to be a digital nomad. But how does this work with the rest of my life? How would I like things to work?

What will this vision consist of?

Breaking it down: what am I aiming for?

1. A job in digital marketing that enables my continued professional development and for me to continue learning and “levelling up”.

I’m not 21 anymore and wanting to travel between jobs or studies. I want to travel but not at the expense of my career. Life goes through different phases, and I know when I’m older, I’ll want more security.

I also know now that I have a real passion for digital marketing (even though for years I didn’t realise it was called that and if I had known earlier, I could have probably progressed quicker by now)!

Goal viability: Lucky for me there are lots of jobs in digital marketing that can be done ‘on the road’, so it seems I’m in the right industry for achieving this goal. 😉

digital nomad

2. Being financially stable enough to be able to travel either consistently, or for months at a time.

My research basically says that it’s better to forgo having any sort of rent or mortgage outgoings, as this frees up money you can use for travel (here in Europe you’re looking at an extra 500-800 euros a month for travel) That’s a lot!! However not having a base could create more problems.

On the other hand, I’m used to budget travel. I grew up really, really poor. If my salary is enough to pay for a base AND travel on top of that, but on a tight budget – I’ll do it! I don’t need luxury – I prefer an authentic travel experience anyway.

Goal viability: I guess I won’t know what’s best until I get there. So when I do, I’ll tell you what I think! But I’m almost certain that I can consistently travel, if I’m working to a budget.

4. Writing about my travels on this blog (simply because I love to do it!)

Blogging has been my (mostly unpaid!) job since forever and I don’t intend to stop. It’s something I enjoy as a hobby – and everyone needs a good hobby! If I work whilst travelling, I can maintain my blog, albeit using a hell of a lot of automation (plugins, apps, social media post scheduling etc). It’s just too much to do on your own!

Goal viability: All I have to do is… keep doing it. This one’s easy to keep up!

5. Keeping my husband by my side 

This is an obvious one and something that you should always consider – how will my goals impact my personal life?

Digital Nomad

I used to enjoy my solo life and being single and travelling alone but since I met this guy I want to do everything with him instead. So every decision I make has to take him into account too!

It kinda makes it harder because you have to coordinate two people… but he makes it easier in a way because he’s a different person to me and is really open to doing whatever I want to do. If I say let’s go to China for 3 months he’ll just say ok. Easy!

Goal viability: Where I go, he goes. This one is easy to do!

6. Saving money for the future 

For obvious reasons. Yeah, it’s boring to talk about pensions and savings and all this stuff, but it’s important to prepare yourselves for the years ahead. You just never know what might happen.

I’m really enjoying all the money saving tips over at the subreddit r/financialindependence and also even r/frugal!

Goal viability: Depends very much on the point above about affording to maintain this lifestyle. I will see when I get there.

7. Starting a business I can run online 

I’ve always wanted to start an online business. In fact, around the time that Shopify really started to boom was when I started looking at how awesome it could be.

For me, the appeal, of course, is earning my own money, but also the fact that I can design every little thing, from the basket icon to the logo, the layout of the site, to inserting apps… I mean, running an online store is more than that, it’s knowing how to attract customers, how to optimise the website for your customers viewing pleasure, knowing when to implement discounts and sales, etc… I just love creating stuff and seeing it come to life!

Goal viability: Achievable but I am not going to start this just yet. I need to make sure my digital nomad lifestyle will work before I add more complexity to it!

8. Continuing to develop my French and Spanish language skills 

This is important because half of my family are French and I only understand them half of the time :/

My husband’s mother tongue is also French, and I want to be as able to speak as well as him so we can feel comfortable in our home in both languages. This is really important to me because without knowing his language 100% I feel almost like I don’t know him 100% or something (does anyone else out there have this?) It’s weird.

So, it’s pretty imperative that I improve over the next 2 years (I may even do a challenge to hold myself accountable).

I intend to use Coffee Break Spanish specifically for Spanish, and French I will be taking a refresher course!

Goal viability: easy to do. Harder when you’re not disciplined. And my job takes up a lot of my time; sometimes the last thing I want to do is study languages. But I have to get over it!

All of these are pretty big goals within one big mega dream, let’s face it. But they’re totally possible. They can be realised. However, it’s going to take a lot of hard work, luck and moving parts working perfectly together to get it to work…

Do I think I can make it work? Yes. Do I think I can be successful? Hell yes!

So, now I’ve gotten my ideas out on paper (or online), I’m going to move on to HOW I’m going to do it…

Read part 2: How I intend to make my digital nomad dreams come to life!

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