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How Do I Have The Time To Travel So Much?



I just wrote a post with the answer to the ever-repeated question of “How do you afford to travel so much??” – totally understandable to be curious by the way, I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram you’ll see so many photos of me here, there and everywhere that it’s hard to believe I ever work or do anything besides travelling 😉


By the famous harbour in Bristol, England

My second most-asked question is along the same lines –

“How do you have the time to travel?”

Well now I’m going to answer that question too! And you’ll hopefully start to see that if I can do it, you can too! I don’t do anything particularly special to be able to do these things; I just make the most of the opportunities presented to me.

So how do I have so much time to travel? Let me make this answer as simple as possible:

  1. I take short trips
  2. I travel a lot in the night/early morning
  3. I try to remind myself that it’s an investment in my work/hobbies/projects (and therefore an investment in my happiness and a happy soul)
  4. I teach English in French schools. French schools (and France in general) have A LOT of holidays.

In the French countryside

Yes, that’s it. I can obviously add in the fact that I don’t have kids, family responsibilities or anything of that nature but I think that’s obvious from my social media (and maybe when/if I have those things my priorities will change OR I’ll find a way to do it anyway, we’ll see when/if it comes to it).

How do I have the time to travel?

1. Taking short trips

I already said this when I answered, “how do I afford to travel so much?” (read here), and the truth is, I take a lot of day and weekend trips. When you’re working full-time you hardly have the time to be taking holiday all the time, and seeing as most of my free time is weekends, that’s how I spend them. Also, remember, I’m based in mainland Europe. That means it’s quite easy to access other countries by bus or train.

In a graffiti-covered skatepark in Antwerp, Belgium

Some may say, how is a day or a weekend enough time to see everything or spend a good amount of time there? Well, the truth is that it’s not enough time to see everything. But sometimes even when you spend a week somewhere it isn’t enough time to see and do everything. That’s why I go on lots of little day trips (to the same place) and make the most of every day I spend there.

Somewhere in Paris, France

The point is, I’m not a traveller with lots of time and money. Nobody pays for me to take my trips except myself, and that means I have to find a way to do things. Sometimes, I could do it better with more time, but I don’t always have a lot of time. So I do what I can and make the most of every minute!

2. Travelling at night/ early morning

A good way to save time (and money!), particularly if you’re doing a day or weekend trip. Save your daytime exploring hours and travel in the night. If you take a bus it’s cheaper and you can sleep (albeit, uncomfortably), but you can trust the driver to make an announcement at each stop so it’s sure you’ll wake up when you get there.

On a bus scaling the Amalfi Coast in Italy 

I do this a lot when I travel to England from France. I take the overnight bus (leave at midnight) and arrive in London at 5.30am. It’s the difference between spending 50 or 300 for a return. Sometimes (I won’t lie), it does really make you tired for the day but it’s just a day. Once you’ve finished exploring you get to go home and sleep!

3. Making the time because it’s an investment in *myself* 

Telling myself that it’s my passion and that it helps towards my personal projects (my blog) reminds me of why I do it and spend money on it.

I don’t buy anything else; I don’t drink or smoke or even go out much. I see it as an investment in my soul really; it makes me smarter, more open-minded, challenges me, makes me more interesting and makes me feel alive on a regular basis – something that a lot of people miss.

Taking photos at the City of Colours street art and graffiti festival in Birmingham, England 

4. I teach English in French schools

Teaching English in French schools is not always easy. Behaviour of students can be difficult, the culture is very different to how my school education went, parents are very opinionated and involved in the education process, students are VERY opinionated on what they think is quality teaching… and more. BUT the schools get a lot of holiday. 2 weeks almost every 2 months. So every holiday I spend travelling!

So that’s it. It’s pretty simple; there’s no hidden companies paying for me to travel; I don’t have a rich family or anyone paying; no rich husband or anything like that 😉

I just make the most of every opportunity I have.

If you want to do the same go out and grab it!! Maybe my post “How I afford to travel” will give you some hints and tips.

How do you find the time to travel? Leave a comment below!


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