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Street Art: 5 Artists Who Invade Cities!

There’s nothing better than the thrill of the chase, and these street artists are the epitome of it!

As I’m sure you can tell, I’m a massive fan of street art and pretty much always have been. It was a massive want of mine to somehow include street art in my business, giving the line a feminine aesthetic but with the urban, creative edge that street art reflects. Luckily, living in Bristol, UK means there was more than enough street art to create some beautiful backgrounds for the photos.


I have always felt connected to street art; how uninhibited it is, how it’s not censored (at least until it’s removed!), the adding of beautiful colours and patterns to what are normally grey, boring-looking buildings…

And Bristol seems to appreciate street art for its creativity and its message, rather than other places where even the most complex and beautiful scene painted on the side of a wall is considered “graffiti” – and I put “graffiti” in quotation marks because I think it’s a negative connotation of what this art form really is. “Street art” defines it perfectly. It’s art. It’s somebody’s craft. And it’s beautiful!

Some of my favourite street artists are so because they entice me with the thrill of the chase. Yep, you heard right; I like to work for my street art. Once I know they have similar works dotted all over a single city (or all over the world, as some of my faves do!!) I will just search and search like a madwoman and feel amazing every time I find one. So here are the artists that my inspire my craziness…

1. Invader

[There’s a comprehensive report on the location and appearance of all the Space Invaders here]

Invader ->> <<-

Probably my favourite out of every street artist I know. I have happily searched cities for his work, with one of my favourite stories being me standing on a street in Paris looking at this spray painted piece by another artist when I randomly said to my friend, “There’s loads of Invaders in Paris. I wonder if there’s one round here?” I then literally looked up and I was standing right under one!!

Invader street art, Paris, France ->> <<-
Invader I spotted in Paris, France

I love the idea of Space Invaders being all over the world; they have literally invaded! You can find them in pretty much all easily accessible countries; check out this map here.

Not only that – and this is the coolest thing – Invader collaborated with the sculptor Jason de Caires to create some Invaders to stick on the side of the sculptures he was working on for an underwater piece. That’s right, at the bottom of the ocean in Cauncun Bay three Invaders are just hanging out.

Invader street art, Colosseum (Rome, Italy) ->> <<-
The Invader I spotted next to the Colosseum (Rome, Italy)

How cool is that? How many street artists can say they (literally) plumbed new depths when it comes to street art? Maybe future humans will find it in a thousand years and think it means something. They might spend years trying to decipher it. I love it!

If you want to search for the Invaders you can even download the Invader app and mark on which ones you’ve found. It’s cool but you need Internet access to check in with the artwork when you’re standing right by it, and I don’t know many travellers who actually have phone internet access on the go. It’s a cool idea though!

UPDATE: I just checked his website again and he has now added an Invader to the International Space Station (ISS). *Dies*

Invader street art, ISS International Space Station ->> <<-
Onboard the ISS! 

2. Xylo

Xylo street artist ->> <<-

Xylo’s little life-size iPhones are stuck all over the world, the aim being to make a point and raise awareness of how badly factory employees in China are treated. And he makes a great point because they are treated appallingly; stories of suicide are alarmingly common, with employees not taking enough breaks, not sleeping or eating enough, and literally being worked to the bone for a pittance. I won’t go into a rant about this even though I feel strongly about fair working conditions for everyone; just see them for yourself (and maybe research into the stories of these poor people). Xylo is great because the street iPhone pieces make you think.

(And also it’s funny watching people try to take the iPhone because they think it’s a real one!!)

3. Gestafuture

Gestafuture street artist ->> <<-

Gestafuture is a newer street artist but his work is getting more prolific. I discovered him whilst searching for Invaders in Rome; I kept noticing when I was looking around that I kept seeing these tiny little tribal faces stuck everywhere. I eventually ended up searching online and voila! I found him. His works are similar to Invaders: you have to search city-wide to find them. And not only does he spread his little ‘Astroface’ sculptures but he also sprays. His spray work is just as cool, and reminds me a little of Salvador Dali. He describes himself as a surreal street artist so I guess I’m making the right comparison!

Gestafuture street artist, Rome, Italy >> <<-
Astroface I found in Rome, Italy

By the way Gesta, you need an app too! Then crazy people like me can find all your masks and tick them off on the map (you can totally pay me for this brilliant idea) 😉

4. Gregos

Gregos street artist ->> <<-

Gregos is someone I discovered recently in Bristol. I noticed a weird little face almost breaking through the bar on a bridge going over the river in the centre of the city and I thought, “What the hell is that and why did they put it there?!

Gregos street artist in Bristol, UK ->> <<-
A Gregos face I found in Bristol

Obviously I’m always curious when it comes to street art so with a little digging I found this website and discovered it was Gregos.

These faces are so weird. They’re kind of grotesque in a way. They always look like they’re in pain… They’re freaky. But it’s awesome that they’re spreading…

5. Liox Lioxart

Liox Lioxart in Paris, France ->> <<-

I have so much for love for Liox. He is so, so unique and I was really surprised me when I found out what he did and who he was. There’s a cool story too about how I discovered him.

So I was in a cafe in Paris and I remarked to the person next to me, “I want to take home some authentic Parisian art as a souvenir of this trip. But it needs to be cheap.” (I didn’t have the money to buy an expensive gallery piece). We look out to the street again and I see a girl put up a poster on a lamppost in front of us. As she walks away I mutter to my friend, “I’m gonna take it“…  and sure I felt bad that some girl had hand drawn this piece to promote her art show or a gig or something but the opportunity was too good to miss.

It was a super cool, hand-drawn Marianne Zen… And I looked at it for a while but I couldn’t find what it was suppose to be advertising. Anyway I rolled it up and stuck it in my bag.

When I got home to England I searched the word ‘Lioxart’ that was painted in the bottom right corner, thinking it might be a gallery or something.

Turns out it’s a prolific French street artist! He draws thousands of these pieces and leaves them on the street for people to take- literally take-away art. He actually wants you to take a piece for yourself. And he’s such a character; he’s a man who dresses like a woman and throws parties in Tube carriages with thousands of pieces of his art stuck all over the walls and ceiling of the carriage. He’s amazing.

Bonus Artist!

6. Jonesy

I’ve included Jonesy because even though he doesn’t really do what the others do-stick to one consistent thing with a few slight changes and adaptations for each one- he does have this little lizard sculpture that is just everywhere.

Jonesy lizard street art, Bristol, UK ->> <<-
A Jonesy lizard in a street-art splattered alleyway in Bristol, UK

His lizard highlights the dangers of environmental damage, which is a running theme throughout all of his work. These tiny little bronze sculptures must take time to craft, set and then stick on a wall, and I sometimes I’m amazed thinking about the time and effort it must take for him to create then, find a place to stick then, and then hang around waiting for them to dry so they don’t fall off. I think if I made these cool little sculptures I would love them too much to put them up on walls in random streets where people might break then off, but then again I guess that is the essence of street art: you’re putting it out there for free consumption by anybody walking past. I just hope he’s stuck them on really tight! 👍🏻

cosmic traveller near a Jonesy <3

Wanna see more street art? Check out my Pinterest board – there’s some sweeeet pieces in there! //

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