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The Best Street Artists in PARIS (Part 1/2)

If you’re a street art fan Paris NEEDS to be on your list of places to go! 

When I first started my career as writer and blogger, this blog was just a street art and graffiti blog; living in Bristol, UK, one of the main hubs of urban art, I found myself fascinated with all the creativity I found in the streets and I started sharing everything I found! 

However, just reporting on street art and graffiti was a bit limiting for me so I started writing about all types of things I was discovering on my travels… and then I moved abroad, starting travelling even more… and now here we are!

But still, one of my main focuses when I travel is searching for street art, and honestly, the best cities I have found so far for this are Paris and Rome (I haven’t yet explored America so I know once I get there the game will change COMPLETELY) 😉

Actually, there’s something about Paris street art that I like more than Rome, although I can’t explain why…

Maybe because I just love Paris and feel connected to it, I don’t know! I also feel like a lot of Parisian street art is based on the of love or romance, which is really fitting for a city dubbed ‘the city of love‘ <3


So, if you’re a street art fan like me, or if you’re just travelling to Paris for a few days, here is a (very short) list of street artists you are bound to find along the way when you are adventuring around the city – keep an eye out and you’ll start to see them everywhere!

Some of them are very famous, some are just starting out on their adventures… either way, there’s something for everyone in here!

Ps. I focused less on muralists and more on the artists who do smaller pieces but with more frequency!


1. Invader

I included Invader first because, to be fair, he is one of the most famous street artists in the world. You can’t go to any city in the world without finding a space invader, and Paris is full of them. It seems he loves Paris as much as I do!

Invader in Paris (peep the little Mr Do Not sticker underneath!) – pic by me in 2018
Pic by me in 2018
Pic by me in 2018
Invader in Paris, photo by me in 2018

 Invader Instagram | Invader Website  

2. Gregos

Gregos is another particularly famous street artist, known for his faces (it’s actually his face) stuck to walls all over the world.
But you’ll find most of them in Paris (as that’s where he’s based). You’ll find them on walls, in cracks in the floor, on doors, street signs and many, many other places… so keep an eye out!

I spotted this Gregos in 2018
Spotted in Montmartre, Paris
The night I met Gregos in Montmartre, Paris to watch him paste one of his faces
The face I watched him paste in Paris, this time in the sunlight!
Photo by me in 2018

 Gregos Instagram | Gregos Website  

3. Noty & Aroz

Noty & Aroz are famous for their huge paste-ups, a mix between the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) faces and superheroes.. or at least that’s how I see them!

Noty & Aroz, to me, are really impressive with their dedication to their art and the storytelling they incorporate… even if you don’t find their work in the streets I recommend you look at their website to see what I mean 😉

Photo from Noty & Aroz Instagram page 

I recently found this amazing piece of theirs in Rome:

Noty and Aroz in Rome, Italy (2018)
Noty & Aroz in Rome, Italy (2018)

  Noty & Aroz Instagram | Noty & Aroz Website  

4. Shatters

Shatters is super-secretive and doesn’t create many pieces but when he does, they’re amazing. All of his installations are made out of shattered glass, making the result really, really beautiful.

Here’s a secret for you: I run his Instagram account 😉 you can follow it here!.

Pic of me with Shatters, from 2017!
Pic by me, taken in 2018

  Shatters Instagram  

5. Liox

Liox is one of my all-time favourite street artists in Paris; since I found his work about 6 years ago taped to a lamppost. Since then I’ve been back to Paris many times but I still haven’t found another one of his pieces even though he is actually a prolific creator – he leaves hundreds of pieces in the street every month!

His work likes to play on the ‘symbol of France’, Marianne, who he puts in different situations in order to make a political point or observation on French daily life.

Actually, many times his work has reminded me very much of the satirical cartoons published in magazines like Charlie Hebdo. He always works with the typical colours of France: red, white and blue.

Pic from Liox Instagram
Pic from Liox Instagram

  Liox Instagram | Liox Website  

6. Intra Larue

Put simply, Intra Larue sculpts boobs and then paints them and pastes them in the streets.

Look out for all the different patterns, styles and colours… I find sometimes that even when super bright they’re quite hard to spot as she normally puts them up high, or well-camouflaged 🙂

Pic by me in March 2018, Montmartre, Paris
Another well-camouflaged boob in Montmartre, Paris – taken by me in 2018

Intra Larue Facebook | Intra Larue Flickr  

7. Oak Oak

Oakoak finds everyday, normal things and turns them into quirky cartoons or scenes by adding his art to them. It’s amazing how he can take something so simple or mundane and make something completely different out of it… take for example, these pieces:

Pic from Oakoak Instagram
Pic from Oakoak website

 Oakoak Instagram | Oakoak Website 

8. Manyoly

Manyoly is famous for the huge, colourful faces that she pastes up all over the world! The first place I saw her work was in Paris (not surprising as she’s from France), but I have seen her work in various countries on my travels. I really love how bright and colourful her work is!

(I have had to use some pics from Manyoly’s Instagram because I seem to have lost loads of my own!!)

Manyoly in Paris (pic from her Instagram)
Pic from Manyoly Instagram

  Manyoly Instagram | Manyoly Website  

9. Jordane Saget

Jordane Saget’s work can be seen in many streets in Paris, either newly drawn or half washed-away by the weather. This is because he mainly works in chalk in the street, so if you see anything like the following pictures, you know you’ve found one of his:

The remnants of a Jordane Saget piece, washed away by the weather (pic from my trip in 2017)
A pic from the day I was able to meet Jordane and watch him work – pic taken in 2017

It’s been nice to watch Jordane’s development from working mainly in the street to transferring his style into the studio, using different mediums (check out his Instagram to see more).

  Jordane Saget Instagram 

10. Vinie Graffiti

I tried to include only ‘smaller’ artists (those who create smaller pieces) who are more prolific in one city or country rather than ‘bigger’ muralists of whose work you’ll find in many countries in the world on a LARGE scale, but I just couldn’t not include Vinie… her work is so noticeable and amazing that you’re bound to see it if you’re in Paris.

Pic from Vinie Graffiti Instagram
Pic from Vinie Graffiti Instagram

  Vine Graffiti Instagram | Vinie Graffiti Facebook 

11. Lady B

Lady B is one of my newest finds and from what I can see on her Instagram, she’s relatively new to street art and is still experimenting with her style but still, I loved this recent paste-up she made that she has aptly called Julius 😀

I love Roman sculpture so mixing that with the bright colours and the more modern paste-up style just makes the Julius character even more special!

Pic taken by me in Paris, 2018 (love the tag in paint below too)
Pic by me in Paris, France, 2018

  Lady B Instagram  

12. Baïka

Baïka is one of my newest finds in the streets of Paris and I just LOVE her work (I think it’s a girl but I’m not sure so just for now I will refer to Baïka as a she 😉 ).

Her pieces are very intimate and intricate, using a variety of mediums such as watercolour, pencil, Bic, etc and featuring many different melancholy faces, a real contrast to the beauty and brightness of many of her pieces.

I spent a while standing there staring at this one trying to figure out how she did… I think it’s a print but with spraypaint over the top?? However it’s been done, it was a truly glorious moment to find this in a side street in Montmartre <3.

Baïka in Paris, France, taken by me in 2018

  Baïka Instagram | Baika Facebook  

13. Unknown 

I have searched high and low for the name of the artist(s?) who did these pieces but no luck as of yet 🙁

However, I still included them because I spotted a few of their pieces around Paris, particularly in unassuming side streets.. if you find out who it is PLEASE TELL ME!

Photo taken by me in Paris, France, 2018
Photo taken by me in 2018 (HELP ME FIND THE ARTIST!)

14. In Love

Simple, cute and subtle, In Love‘s work can be spotted in many places in Paris.

An ode to the artists’ love (his girlfriend), I just love how simple it is yet it’s so noticeable. The colour scheme always stays the same – black and red, which looks even more striking on white parisian walls.

Keep an eye out for his work because sometimes it’s easy to find, whereas other times they are kind of camouflaged 😉

Pic from In Love Instagram
Pic taken from In Love Instagram
Pic taken from In Love Instagram

  In Love Instagram 

15. Matt Tieu

I have to include Matt Tieu (even though I’ve written about him loads before) because I loooooove his work so much.

You can find it in many different places, but much like the Jordane Saget pieces (#8), sometimes you may find them half washed away… anyway, you’ll find them in and around the Paris streets so keep an eye out!

I also recommend checking out his website because there’s a wicked video on the front page of him drawing on a roof 😉

Mat thieu 1.jpg
Pic by me in 2017, Paris, France

  Matt Tieu Instagram | Matt Tieu Website  

16. Soyons Fous

You’ll see the phrase ‘soyons fous‘ (“let’s be crazy“) in many places in Paris.

Sometimes it’ll be just the phrase; sometimes it will be the phrase surrounded by some lovely intricate illustration… anyway, once you see one you’ll start seeing them everywhere!

Photo by Les Trottoirs on Instagram
Photo by Mathilde Watt on Instagram

  Soyons Fous Instagram 

17. Stickheart

Stickheart’s work is fairly simple but it is so bright and happy that it’s always fun to find. Once you see a Stickheart once you’ll just keep seeing it over and over… and it never gets old!

Picture from Stickheart’s Instagram
Pic from Stickheart’s Instagram
Pic from Stickheart’s Instagram

  Stickheart Instagram | Stickheart Facebook 

So there you go, 17 of the coolest street artists in Paris! And don’t worry if you haven’t seen your favourite on the list (or if you are a street artist in Paris and didn’t see yourself)… there’s a part two coming ;).


Enjoy discovering the street art in Paris! And leave me a comment below if you found any of them! 😉

Paris France.jpg


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