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Cosmo Loves: Lex Zooz (Estonia)

So pretty. Must… stop… looking!

Sometimes you’re totally ready for bed, looking forward to finally lying down and stopping writing after a solid 6 hours of doing so… and then your friend tags you in something and that’s it. You’re awake, you’re inspired and the mere thought of going to bed is like, hell no.

That’s where Lex Zooz‘s beautiful, dreamy pieces come in.


So what do we know about Lex Zooz? Well, firstly I’m not sure whether it’s a guy/girl/other. On their Facebook page they describe themselves as an ‘urban freelancer’ (awesome), and they make murals, stained glass and mosaics. On their Instagram they’re just an, ‘underground urban artist’. With only 64 followers and only a few pieces of work shared on there, it’s fair to say they are pretty underground.

I haven’t actually seen anything but their murals – and boy are they impressive.

I can’t put my finger on what they used to create the patchy colour on the floor… paint or crushed chalk?

Subtle, pastel colours with a beautiful, almost abstract appearance to some of their work… almost as if someone has just smudged soft-hued oil pastels into a sketchbook… but instead they’ve gotten the same effect but with paint, and on a wall.

Some pieces are slightly psychedelic, like an optical illusion or refracted light:

The matching painted rocks really are something special (I want one – a small one!)

The gradient in these pastel colours is one of my favourite features of this work – there’s something so magical about the way three colours can so easily flow slowly into each other. And something so simple yet beautiful about a circle of gradient colour against a very bland background. It injects some magic into an otherwise mundane setting.


Some of the more detailed pieces remind me of Klimt’s work actually:

Klimt’s ‘Serpents’
Similar to Klimt?
Similar to Klimt! 

I do have a particular affinity with the colours purple, pink and turquoise, hence why I’m loving on this artist (there’s a reason these colours are the official cosmic traveller colours!).


From what it appears on their social media they don’t have a huge body of work just yet (perhaps they’ve only just started posting properly to social media accounts) but I just think there is huge potential for this artist to make even bigger, more lucid pieces… perhaps on bigger walls, with more nature imagery and even more playful use of pastel colours and tones.

I also think these colours and this technique mixed with super-feminine characters (imagine with long, swirling hair and lots of detail like the Klimt-style pieces above) could be pretty incredible.

Can’t wait to see what they do next!


Visit their Instagram & their Facebook page

Thanks to Lex Zooz for the photos! 

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