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Cosmo Loves: Ami Imaginaire (Norway)

I’ve featured a few artists now in this Cosmo Loves series, one of my recent ones being Lex Zooz.
Now I found out about Lex Zooz through a friend who saw Lex’s work in the background of a photo of Ami at work. In fact, it was this one in particular (I love this photo, by the way!):

You might recognise the paint by Lex Zooz (who I featured on here before)
I’ve seen quite a lot of yarn bombing and crochet embellishments in the street in my time writing about street art but I don’t think I’ve ever seen little crocheted characters like this, holding hands with doodled ones!
I don’t know much about Ami, except all of her work so far seems to be in Bergen, Norway, so I assume she’s based there (especially since she added to Lex Zooz’s piece, which was also in Bergen, where Lex is based).
Ami works with simple illustration, placed alongside crochet. Her illustrated characters are normally just outlines and look like they could be just illustrated versions of her crochet pieces.
I think that’s one of the reasons I love her work so much; because she works in two different mediums and then mixes them. 🙂
To me this is really creative, mixing both medias – from previous work and artists I’ve seen, I would kind of expect someone to do one or the other, rather than both. It’s not very common to see mixed media pieces with crochet and illustration in the street (I could be totally wrong on that one; if you know more artists like this please comment below or link me to them on Instagram!).
What I also love about Ami’s work is that the characters are so cute and quirky, and their little eyes are so wide and innocent (haha). Look at this happy little guy with his fluffy hair!:
To me this is simple pleasure; looking at these characters just makes me happy. It lightens up my day. I can’t see anyone not smiling if they saw these in the street!
It’s also cool that her characters interact with things that are already there – a line made by spray paint becomes a ledge for the characters to stand on, or a wall with a small ledge suddenly becomes a floor for her little creatures… it makes you look at these types of things differently when art interacts with them.
Ami doesn’t have that many pics on her Instagram account yet – I don’t know if she’s just starting out or if it’s just because the little crochet characters are time-consuming to make – but I think her work can only get quirkier and even more fun. I want to see more!
You know, I could imagine her creating a huge piece on a wall – a hand-drawn hill/mountain scene or something – with loads of tiny crochet characters placed all over it like some obscure version of Sylvanian Families, but much more fun because it could include aliens and monsters and crazy characters  – that would be cool!
The only thing I do wonder is how long these little guys last out in the street, and whether they just get taken as soon as they’re seen. It would make it quite hard to find them because if someone didn’t steal them, then the weather would probably ruin them.
Then again, saying that, at Bristol’s Upfest Festival this year the whole area was bombed with crochet hearts tied to lampposts and benches etc, and when I walk through that area now they’re still there (over a month later), and actually not beaten up by the weather that much at all.
Either way, these crazy characters are still awesome; I would just love to be able to go find them myself 😀

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