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Cosmo Loves: CBA (Japan)

CBA: Abstract art with fun and flair and vibrance and whatever other words describe brightly coloured magic!

I always cover street and urban artists because, well, I love them, but this isn’t the only place my passion for art lies.
As a crazy art lover (and an artist myself), pretty much any form of physical artistic expression interests me – whether it be on a canvas, on a wall in the street, in a gallery, or in a dirty, stinking alleyway (so much art in alleyways, I think my nose is now desensitised to the smell lol).
Writing about art, for me, is still a learning process; I don’t have any formal art training. I just go by gut, instinct… whatever you call it. And I write what comes to mind. I don’t know technical terms and I don’t get caught up in what other people say is good – I explore, educate myself, and make my own decisions about the art without bias or limitations (perhaps my lack of education being a limitation, but I learn as I go along).
I think in a way this is probably a good thing – getting too technical could end up making this blog kinda hard to read and maybe a little bit boring for people who don’t know art terms. I want to share and talk about art with you like I would sitting with a mate in a coffee shop – so I try to keep my writing casual. And I hope that comes through! 🙂
So, although I’ve focused mainly on street art for a long time, I’m going to start covering other artists too because many of the artists I admire don’t actually work in the street… but I still want to write about them.

Here you’ll get a look into a wider variety of artists working in lots of different styles and mediums. Many of the artists I love actually don’t fit within the guidelines of ‘gallery artist’ or ‘street artist’; their reach is far more expansive and less stereotypically defined than that.
So, you might not like them all, but you might find something interesting that you do like 😉
(If you like this let me know and I’ll write more. Constructive criticism is always appreciated) x


CBA is a former graphic designer-turned-abstract artist from Japan, working in a multitude of mediums, normally combining multiple techniques to create his beautiful colourful concoctions.

Acrylic, markers, paper on canvas
Drawing in sketchbook
What I love about his work is that it’s all so different, yet still looks like it’s all by the same person. There’s a certain consistency to his work; there seems to be a recurring theme of energy, excitement and intensity. When displaying his pieces on social media, they’re sometimes broken up by calmer pieces that seem to break up the intensity for one or two pieces… and then back to the frenzy.
CBA cosmic traveller .jpg
Acrylic, ink, marker and pencil on paper
It’s also beautiful to really study the way in which many of these pieces are created. Upon further analysis the textures of the different mediums really pop out, showing how much work must go into each one. The pieces are layered beautifully, created with drips, strokes, stabs, flicks, collage, dabs and smudges all coming together in a mix of colours and tones that really portray this guy’s restless creative energy.
Mixed media on paper
Some are simple, only one or two major colours with minor details, others seem to include every colour under the sun, complimented with lots of small detail that really give the whole piece a depth and intrigue that makes me unable to stop looking.
Acrylic, marker and pencil on canvas
Mixed media on cardboard
Drawing in sketchbook
I absolutely love CBA’s work, and mainly because it makes me HAPPY when I look at it; I know a lot of people like muted palettes and lighter tones in their artwork but for me the brighter the better. Bright colours and crazy textures stimulate my brain and make me creative, inspired and full of energy – much like CBA’s work!! Awesome.
Drawing on paper

Check him out on Instagram and Tumblr !

*All photos and work copyright of CBA 

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