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Cosmo Loves: Rina Park (USA)

Rina Park: A colourful, abstract scribble-fest!

It’s another abstract artist for the ‘art‘ section of the cosmic traveller blog, and this one is because I fell in love with her work almost instantly! 😍️  (Also I’m biased ’cause bright and bold is my fave  😉 )
I check out almost everyone who interacts with my Instagram profile, and this always leads to me discovering new artists – some a lot less well-known than I believe they should be.
Rina Park is one of those artists I found this way, and someone who’s work I predict will explode in popularity in the next few years because it is genuinely thrilling to see every new piece that she creates!
Rina was born and grew up in South Korea but she now lives and works between New Jersey and New York, USA.
With less than 500 followers on Instagram at the time of writing, I am honestly shocked she doesn’t have thousands of people following her on there. Her work is beautiful and standout, mostly comprised of mixed media on paper in a style that I like to call ‘scribble-fest‘ 😛
Rina Park Cosmic Traveller 3.jpg
Look at how lovely and creamy the oil pastel scribbles look, the richness of the deep blue strokes, the lighter pastel tones perfectly placed over the brighter colours so the brights just peek through, and (in the last two pieces pictured), the more subtle black, thin lines interspersed throughout the bolder colours…
It’s an incredible contrast – the thick and thin, the light and bold – and amazing how much the thicker, bolder line work stands out, smaller details and more subtle lines seeming to balance the pieces out.
These crazy scribblefests aren’t the only pieces she’s done; with a background in visual arts after studying at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Rina has experimented with other abstract aesthetics; simpler work such as this:
Rina Park Cosmic Traveller 5.jpg
And furious work like this (titled ‘Anger‘):
… but it’s always the crazy, bright-coloured abstract scribbles that I come back to.
In love!

Check out Rina’s work on Instagram & her website 

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