I wish I could have one passion. It would make my life a lot easier! But I don’t… so I had to split cosmic traveller into 3 sections:



I travel the world searching for street art on every street and in every nook and cranny. I photograph it, share it with you and tell you more about the artists.


Because I love the freedom of street art! I love the fact there are no rules and no restrictions… there’s no designated space to view it (ok, well the street, but this is also open to huge interpretation).  It’s not conventional art which means it’s accessible to anyone regardless of your financial status or lifestyle.

There is space for anyone who wants to participate in or appreciate street and urban art. And what’s more, art in the streets makes the world more beautiful! No more grey, boring streets. No more bare walls. Art everywhere!

Also, I’m a really curious person – I question everything. Like why someone would make a piece of art that looks a certain way, why they chose that medium, why they placed it there, what their motivations are, etc etc… so many questions, and it drives me nuts sometimes because I just feel like I need to know more! Hence the reason I started interviewing artists I really like and love… because I am addicted to understanding more about what they do, and how their creative process works. My brain just doesn’t stop!

I love colour so fxcking much!!

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Art and travel come under the same heading because I integrate the two!

I guess some would (very loosely) consider me to be an artist (mainly working in watercolour, oil pastel and resin paint). I don’t know if I do because I feel like a cheater sometimes… I don’t have any particularly exceptional skill, I just like to make a mess of colours and textures because it looks pretty 😀

But even though I love everything about making art, I wanted to go a step further and make it even more exciting for me to indulge in… so I created the idea of ‘travelling art’!

I paint lots of little artworks, package them up and leave them in the streets of the world for people to find and keep! (I always share my ‘travelling art’ adventures on Instagram, with the hashtag #travellingart).



I’m quite a spiritual and introspective person and I love pushing myself to be better. The ‘Be The Best You’ section is a place to read about how to improve yourself, overcome issues and problems, and just general life advice that I think you might find helpful.

I’ve experienced a lot of crazy stuff during my short and colourful life and learnt a lot of lessons along the way. I guess I just wanted to help or share my experiences with others in the hope that they will relate or maybe even find it helpful!

I also guest blog for other blogs (check my recent articles at Bad Yogi, Buzzfeed, and Motivate.ME).

Do you do all this stuff on your own?

Yup, nearly all of it! I do, however, have a couple of friends who help me with a few bits. I can’t photograph myself 😉 See below for the team!

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Who is Cosmo?

I’m a girl who loves being creative, seeing the world, experiencing new things, and who just wants to make the mundane/more boring aspects of life more beautiful.

I decided early on that the ‘normal’ route in life was just not working for me… I didn’t feel fulfilled by what I’d always been told was the ‘right’ way to live my life.

What I do feel fulfilled by is living an exciting and creative life; making art, travelling, learning about other cultures and lifestyles, pushing myself to be better and meeting like-minded people. I like to feel free, unrestricted, able to do what I want, move how I want to move and live the way that really makes me happy!

Once I realised that I am not the kind of person who wants to commit to, well, anything (and that the only thing that really amazes and excites me is art and travelling)… well I decided to sculpt out a new path for myself and throw out all those expectations.

So I followed my passion and started this blog, started travelling more, started making more art, designing my own clothes, making jewellery and living life to the full by getting to do what I actually want to do everyday! Now I run my own online store and love every aspect of my work 🙂



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COSMO • Creative Director of cosmic traveller (writer, blogger, creative direction, designer, artist, #travellingart creator, street art lover)




BRAINS • General Assistant & Enquiries





CLAIRE • Travel & Photography Assistant



Interested in working with me? I am open to collaborations, guest posts and any artists/ street artists wanting me to post about their work. I’m also open to travel for promotional reasons. Please email, or visit the contact page. You’ll receive a reply from either myself or my assistant Sarah. 🙂 

Use of Images and Copyright Info:

Most images on this blog are either taken by me, or they are copyright-free.

Some images, however, have been taken from public instagram accounts (etc) for the purpose of showing the huge masses of work many street artists have created across the globe. If I use any images that don’t belong to me I will always , always credit the owner. If you’re not happy with me using your photo just let me know and I’ll take it down. 🙂 

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