About Me


About Me

Hi I’m Cosmo (my real name is Carla) 👋

I’m an English girl… living in France… with one goal – travel as much as I can!

This blog started as a way to document all the street art I found around the world – that’s actually the reason I started travelling a lot.

But after a while I was finding so many cool, secret places and art/artists that I just wanted to tell people about them (especially fellow creative-type people looking for alternative things to do when travelling, instead of the usual tourist attractions and sights)…

Paris, France

Why I Love To Travel

I truly believe that all the trials and tribulations that come with travelling are the best part of the whole experience!

Finding ways to do something within a tight budget; finding a way to get somewhere in a short amount of time; figuring out how to navigate without knowing the language… that’s what makes travelling fun! It’s character-building and it helps you grow and develop as a person. 

I make it my mission to travel like a “normal” person would – this isn’t luxury travel! I also don’t hide the rubbish parts of my journeys – for every nice photo there are 10 more bad ones that show the real truth 😉 

Cadzand, Holland

My Photo Editing

I don’t filter my photos! When I started posting and writing, it was about art, and I could never find a way to add a filter to a photo of a piece of art without compromising the integrity and true colour of the piece.

So I just learnt to take good photos, using the natural light as a tool, and got creative with my camera angles. Sometimes I adjust the brightness to make the pic clearer but that’s really it! 

I follow lots of travel accounts that really edit their photos and they look amazing, but for me it feels better to show you the world how I really saw it… that way it’s like you’re there with me!

Antwerp, Belgium

How I Started

I’ve always been a writer and an art lover, and since I was young I’ve always loved visiting new places, doing things that are ‘different’, and getting inspired creatively.

In the past I’ve written for media publications online with subjects such as yoga, health and wellbeing, graffiti, street art, mental health, and I even released two fiction books (that I will never tell you the titles of because they’re really embarrassing!). When I want to do something I just do it; I don’t wait around wondering if and when I should start- I just dive in and learn as I go!

As well as travelling I spend a lot of time learning languages (I’m learning French and Spanish), painting my own artwork (I’m really into abstract and right now am experimenting with continuous line drawing) , and I of course love going to exhibitions and galleries… I just unfortunately can’t write about everything I do because I don’t have enough time!😂

Exploring Antwerp, Belgium with one of my travel buddies
Me at the Lennon Wall in Prague, Czech Rep

Travelling Art

When I first started travelling I used to paint heaps of postcard-sized artwork and leave them in random places wherever I travelled to.

My “travelling art” would then be picked up by random people in the street (sometimes like a creeper I would hide and wait to see their reaction to finding it 😂 ).

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing this again really soon so keep a look out on my Instagram – maybe you’ll be near the location I leave some next time!

Me and my friend @untitledfutureartist doing graffiti in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Follow me on Instagram as that’s where I post the most frequently and feel free to leave me a comment with recommendations of where I should go next or what I need to see! I discover a lot of things myself but I always love hints and tips. Maybe I’ll see you soon! 😉😗

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