Cosmo Loves: Martin Ron

He is known for his bright and bold murals, and he says he is, “always looking for new ideas that defeat traditional art” – which is why his work ‘is full of new colours, combined styles and new concepts‘.

Martin Ron & Martin Worich collab

What I really love about his work is that the person walking past is suddenly exposed to a fantasy world… but on a wall. Surrealism, hyper-realism and portraiture (amongst other styles) come together to create pieces like this one… breathtaking and beautiful work that turn a grey street into a real-life dream 🙂


He is also very big on highlighting the effect humans have on nature and the earth. But this piece, he says, is open to interpretation. The man at the bottom is reality, and the turtle fantasy.

Ask yourself: what does it mean or signify to you?

His website

Thanks to for the photos!

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