Cosmo Loves: Feoflip

Feoflip’s work is, on the surface, pretty surreal.


His work seems to be a mixture of mechanical parts, animals, technology and various other artifacts, all wound together to create bizarre creatures or scenes that are full of intricate detail and endlessly intriguing. Some of the faces appear almost tribal, with features over or under-exaggerated.


In fact, with most of Feoflip’s pieces, a fleeting look is just not enough; the longer you look the more you see… and the more interesting it gets!

Feoflip says his, “creatures still mutate and carry a strong message that is only visible for those who attempt to understand the piece”. For those who perhaps don’t stop to analyse and think about the piece, they still look really cool 😀


A lot of his pieces are painted in muted tones, so it’s not like all of his work screams at you as you walk past it; however, this kind of quiet unobtrusiveness actually makes them even better when they do to catch your eye. It feels like more of a reward when you do notice them. In fact, with such a soft palette I feel the detail of the pieces stand out more.


Feoflip mainly works in spray paint, latex paint and chalk. This makes many of his pieces look like they’re made of watercolour (though watercolour paint definitely doesn’t work on walls :P) or oil pastels, almost as if he’s ripped a page out of his sketchbook and pressed it on to the wall. I love it!


His Facebook page 

Thanks to Feoflip for most of the photos! 

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