STREET ART: Jordane Saget

There’s something special about Jordane Saget. There’s also something loosely (and amusingly) comparable to a young Keith Haring scribbling all over the walls of New York, chalk in hand (watch the video below if you don’t know what I mean). 

The newsreader’s introduction is hilarious: “People who commit graffiti often have two things in common; anonymity and a lack of talent” (haha)

Now, thematically, I don’t think they share many similarities at all – there is no obvious political or emotional context to Jordane’s work, like much of Haring’s. However, artistically it’s quite comparable, what with the use of chalk and line… but more on that later!

So who is Jordane?

Jordane is based in Paris, France and, to put it simply, he uses chalk to draw wavy, interweaving patterns on things in the street.

And his drawing is endless. He draws on doors.

La porte bleue de la Halle Saint-Pierre

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He draws on walls.


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Le petit passage de l'Ancre

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He draws on floors.

Souvenir du Sacré Cœur Photo by @phil_a_paname

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1 Rue dénoyez

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Even ping pong tables. There’s no stopping this guy!

🏓 une petite partie ? 🏓

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In my opinion, the thing that makes it so beautiful is that the addition of his chalk drawings to ‘normal’ and even mundane things such as doors, walls and pavements etc make you see the world differently; what was once a dirty old wall in the Metro (that you walk past everyday and never have any reason to pay attention to) is now something entertaining, eye-catching…  things that aren’t really aesthetically pleasing enough to make you even look twice suddenly come alive!

You want to look at them. You want to take photos of them! And this reaction from random strangers, all from one man with a bit of chalk and the drawing of a few simple lines. Who knew a few lines could be so effective in making you see the world completely differently? (Well, Keith Haring was obviously onto something 😉 )

And of course Saget and Haring will draw comparisons, what with them both having delved into chalk and line work. But Jordane’s interweaving lines of chalk still stand apart and maintain their own merit.


I love how momentary these chalk designs are… they won’t last very long what with the weather wearing them away. That means you have a very short space of time to view the work, and once it’s gone, it’s gone for good (I mean, we still still have photographs but we can’t truly experience seeing it ourselves). It’s a fleeting beauty, but it’s worth every second that it exists for.

And not only that, once one has gone another crops up… and again… and again… one disappears, one appears. One disappears, one appears. Circle of life… circle of street art!


I first spotted him when I was in Ménilmontant in Paris – I took a photo but before I had time to talk to him he had run away.




Of course the first place I searched was Instagram, but I couldn’t find him, even after searching ‘chalk art’, the only thing I could really link to him.

Luckily a couple of days later my friend was scrolling through Instagram looking for Parisian street artists and she found a photo of his work. 😀

Living in England means there’s less chance of me seeing his work on a regular basis, which is sad. But next time I am in Paris, I’ll keep a look out  😉

Le maître au travail // The master at work. 😋 @j3artiste

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Jordane was going to answer some questions for me but he’s a super busy guy so I went ahead and wrote this anyway because I literally couldn’t wait to tell you guys about him and his work. It’s too good not to share!! 😀


Cosmic travellin' ✨ Wall art by @cheba_bristol I love your work soo much!

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