Corpse creates these freaky faces that I could imagine standing waiting for you in the shadows…

…and when you’re least expecting it, they’d quietly reach out a clammy little hand and GRAB YOU. And you’d turn to look at this thing that had grabbed you and you’d just see these tombstone teeth… and then you’d scream.

…And then it would eat your face.

Maybe I have an overactive imagination… or maybe they’re just really creepy. Maybe both.

Either way, I love them.

Corpse street art -

Photo courtesy of

Who’s Corpse?

Corpse is known for the creepy faces that he puts up in the streets. He indulges in every sort of media under the sun to make sure you can never escape these disturbing little critters…  digital art, hand-drawn illustration, canvas work, spraypaint, stickers, paste-ups… and more. I can’t keep track of them all. This face is haunting my dreams.

Why do I love Corpse? 

Cause his work is CREEPY as hell, and I love it! Take this guy:


Weird lookin’ thing, aint he? It just looks messed up (and I mean that in the best way).

But it’s not just the weirdness I like. It’s also the intricacies of the work – like the use of scratches and scribbles; it’s the pretty pastel shades in some of them that make up the hideous features… and it’s the teeth. Dang, I love those teeth.

On his Facebook page he describes himself as, “creating gritty and often dark-humored works with connections to lots of areas which take a closer look to our society”.

Here are some of my faves!

(Love the colours in this one)



The teef get me everytime 😂

And a couple of action shots cause they’re always awesome!


I have so many photos of his stuff but right now I can’t find them… I’ll add them when I do 😉

Ok, I definitely say this about every artist I find, but I think Corpse is up there for me with my absolute favourites. His work is dope!!

And there are literally too many good photos on his Instagram to post them all. Just go stalk check it out, you’ll love it!


(The stickers are so freakin cool, I need to get some)

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