Angus at work! -> // IG: @cosmictraveller_uk

Thursday street art: Angus & Stewy (Bristol)

A rare chance to see the mysterious Stewy Stencils and the lovely Angus working (and filming for a documentary)! 

Angus at work! -> // IG: @cosmictraveller_uk

Angus at work (and being filmed for the UK’s Channel 4)




Angus makes a (super young) fan 😀 


The finished product 

Stewy was also around to stencil a cool piece – this one in particular is Robert Wyatt, someone lesser known but still a huge part of Bristol history. Wyatt is a prolific musician (he was a member of Soft Machine, as well as featuring as a musician and backing vocalist on many songs by other artists).

Stewy is a really interesting artist, and there’s reason behind the things he creates… I won’t go too into it here as I’m going to write a feature soon on why he does what he does. I’ll let you know when it goes live! For now enjoy the photos of him working on this stencil 😉






The finished piece!

Read my interview & feature on Angus

Feature about Stewy Stencils coming soon!

See more on my Instagram ->>

Cosmic travellin' ✨ Wall art by @cheba_bristol I love your work soo much!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday street art: Angus & Stewy (Bristol)

  1. scooj says:

    Brilliant pics, I am deeply envious. I think the Robert Wyatt looks like the Tobacco Factory, but where is the first one? I look forward to the Stewy feature.


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