cosmic traveller in Paris, France

Hiding art all over Paris… too much fun!

I just got back yesterday from a Parisian #travellingart adventure, and wow, did this city blow my mind!

I’ve been before, but this was before I was the “cosmic traveller”, and before I did the “travelling art” thing. I could never have expected this trip to be as memorable and invigorating as it was… I have to return asap! I don’t know if you guys know but I actually speak French (or at least, I’m learning) so it was awesome to have a good reason to speak it loads with actual French speakers too… perhaps the reason I fell in love with Paris so much was how comfortable I felt being there. Their love and appreciation for art is also second to none. 🙂

So… where did I hide the art?

Well, I started in Montmartre (the arty district), headed to the Eiffel Tower, then ended up in Ménilmontant, Anvers, the Sacré-Cœur, Montparnasse, St-Michel, Opéra, Mairie de Clichy… and loads more. Along the way I met some cool people… and of course saw some amazing art!

Unfortunately I totally forgot to take photos of all the pieces before I left them in the streets… my bad!

Most of them were inspired by Jean-Paul Basquait; lots of intense brushstrokes, bright colours and gorgeous black strokes for contrast and to add that extra intensity to them. These were the watercolour ones.

Then there were a few lighter, mixed media pieces: different tones of one colour with geometric shapes and lines over the top, and added metallic pen ‘dot’ detail. If you found one, I really hope you like it!

These portray a different me; a more intense, frustrated and ‘searching’ me… more energy and excitement than any of my other pieces. Intense, frustrated and searching… really reflects where I’m at at the moment….! Don’t worry though… I like it 😉

See the photos ->>


Last minute preparation for Montmartre street-rattin’


I’m sure Gregos won’t mind 😉


Look up or you’ll miss it



Couldn’t resist




Tee hee






On the tree 😉




The artist who did this mosaic man is called Shatters and his work is incredible



It didn’t last long… I watched these two grab it as soon as I walked off 😉












I didn’t notice before but there’s a tiny little Gregos mask in the top right corner







I don’t think I’ve ever loved or connected to a city as much as I do with Paris… I will be returning… the cosmic traveller has a lot of reasons to return 😉




Hostel RecommendationLe Village Hostel, Paris

le village logoI stayed at Le Village Hostel in Montmartre, Paris for this stay and I REALLY recommend it! All the staff are lovely (particularly Kátia and Clémence!), the views superb (want an amazing view of the Sacré-Cœur? Then stay here!), and traditional Parisian breakfast is served daily 🙂 Not only that, it is situated right in the middle of the creative and beautiful district of Montmartre, my favourite district in the whole city!

With free wifi available to upload all your awesome pics and stay in touch with friends back home, what more could you want? And if you love street art – or just art in general – then this is the place for you to be. You can’t go anywhere without seeing some art! Bonus points to whoever can find the bollard that I painted a smiley face on near Anvers station 😉 Click here to go to their Facebook page!

Read more about my adventures around the world ->>

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I love colour so fxcking much!!

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2 thoughts on “cosmic traveller in Paris, France

  1. rich denman says:

    Hi (again!). I met you at the Steam Crane in Bedminster @ Upfest last Saturday, in the garden.
    I commented on your hair that you said you had just coloured, how it matched your plum top, we chatted on and you told me about ‘cosmic trav. blog’ and, I like it! Some really great pieces of urban art from ‘all over de place!’ I’ve had a look around your blog and I really like Paris and I like your blog about it too. Great idea to leave the envelopes with, ‘take me’ and you didn’t make it easier and write it in French, ‘prends le.’ But then you would start a trend and have to translate it in every country you go to! And you get about! Good for you! Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks for letting me know. Rich


    • cosmic traveller says:

      Hi Rich, sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I have been in Spain! I do remember talking to you at the Steam Crane, I was taking photos, and my hair was newly dyed, which is why it was so bright! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed Upfest!

      Thanks for checking out my blog! Paris was definitely my favourite so far, for so many reasons. But I do have a special love for street art in Paris 😉

      Again thanks for reading my blog, and if you have Instagram you should follow me on there @cosmictraveller_uk – I post lots more on there too 🙂

      Cosmo x


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