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cosmic traveller in London, UK

#travellingart – the 15-part series

This Easter weekend I headed to London, mainly to photograph the street art and hang out, but also to do a cosmic traveller #travellingart adventure – leaving the envelopes mainly around Shoreditch and Brick Lane 🙂

This series was a 15-part collection; I felt a little creatively blocked with the art I’d been making recently and I don’t have a particular style that I want to stick to so I thought I’d experiment with something new. I always wanted to work with the whole geometric style so I experimented and made these little pieces.

Then of course wrapped them up and left them around places that I particularly liked… including a bright blue wall (I loved the blue!), a colourful washing line-type thing (see the photo and you’ll get what I mean!), and a fence of love locks!






What was even better than dropping my art around was getting my hands on two pieces of artwork by Sean Worrall (of The Organ) – I’ve been following his work and his projects for ages now and always wished I could find one of his artworks that he leaves in the street… well I got not one but TWO (I couldn’t decide which one I liked more) 😉 Very happy Sparky!! If you’re not familiar with his work, he makes art out of ‘found’ stuff and then paints them and leaves them in the street for you to take for free. So cool.

Sean Worrall - cosmictravellerblog.com - Instagram: cosmictraveller_uk

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