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This Mesmerising Street Art Happened Overnight Right Outside My Door

Being a street rat is pretty much a full-time occupation for me so when new street art or graff goes up, I’m ON it. I notice everything with my beady little eyes… from new sticker art on lampposts to tiny little sculptures attached to tiny crevices in walls, pretty much nothing gets past me.

It’s actually annoying sometimes. It’s really hard for me to walk from one destination to the next without searching, searching, searching… it’s actually tiring not being able to let my brain rest from constantly being on high alert lol.

Today I didn’t even need to really look… I stepped out of my flat into a small alleyway that takes me to my favourite Dirty Dawg Alleyway (real name Leonard Lane for anyone from Bristol ;)) and VOILA! Not one but TWO beautiful new works just waiting to be seen! Days like these make me SO happy. I LOVE new work, and these are particularly special because of the colours…

#1 – Rise by unknown artist

I’m sorry that I couldn’t get a full pic of this one. The angle of the alleyway makes it near impossible, plus it’s pretty dark in there. This is probably the best I’m going to get!



This work is beautiful! For anyone who follows my Instagram, you’ll know that I absolutely love abstract-looking work; I frequently paint abstract pieces myself and am always reposting my fave abstract artists’ work. This explosion of colours and the way in which it looks like a load of paint has just been chucked at a wall and yet still formed the word ‘Rise’ is pretty incredible. This must’ve taken a lot of effort to create such a huge piece.

It looks like they started with the bare bones of the word and then embellished that with the other colours and textures.

However it was done (and unfortunately I still haven’t figured out who it was), it’s an amazing addition to the Leonard Lane area, which is well-known in Bristol for it’s array of famous street artists’ work. For all the street art lovers who are wondering what happened to the Stewy work at the bottom of the stairs… don’t worry, the whole wall was repainted white for a fresh base but they painted round the Stewy. Good job guys 😉





Love the aztec-y feel



I believe this is an Om/Aum (maybe a variation?) ->> Interesting side note; in some Eastern religions and spirituality the Om/Aum is considered to have come from God, and symbolises God’s manifestation as the ‘Cosmic Vibration’ in creation. This cosmic vibration expresses itself as ‘Cosmic Sound’ and ‘Cosmic Light’…. and maybe Cosmic Traveller 😉 It’s a really beautiful and interesting idea – you can read more about it in the The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which is a really amazing, enlightening read and one of my faves, or The Bhagavad Gita (one of the classic books on indian spirituality)


One of these has got to be the name of the artist/s? If someone knows or finds out please let me know! I want to see more of their work!


Ok, so we know they’re from Paris (love it). But who are they?

#2 Cartoon Faces


The colours in this one are just incredible – you’ll notice they’re quite similar to the cosmic traveller logo colours. I chose turquoise because it’s awesome.


Again, I couldn’t find the name of the artist! I saw some writing but I couldn’t quite make it out :/



More from today


Yuuuuuuuuuus please



It’s Suger again! I see this name everywhere in Bristol….


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5 thoughts on “This Mesmerising Street Art Happened Overnight Right Outside My Door

  1. scooj says:

    Thanks for the heads up…I was there last week, and it looks like these are exciting new additions. I wonder why someone has put a white background around ATM’s moth…it seems a strange thing to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • cosmic traveller says:

      I know, I love when you find them fresh like this!

      The whole wall was repainted I think. Some of my paste-ups got pasted over. But they left some of the more significant pieces there. The Jonesy’s survived, as did the ATM’s and the Stewy’s (amongst others). Could’ve been an artist wanting a fresh canvas (?) or perhaps the hostel fancied having a fresh wall 🙂


      • scooj says:

        I have pictures of your paste-ups…gone but not forgotten. I have posted about most of the pieces in Leonard Lane, so it is great to get a fresh batch. Loads of new stuff up in Stokes Croft this weekend too. The street artists have been very busy.

        Liked by 1 person

      • cosmic traveller says:

        Ok, so I walked past again today. Turns out that someone tagged over the ATM piece so someone painted around it to get rid of the tag… if you look you can see black marks over the piece which don’t look like they should be there. So that’s the reason it got repainted white!

        Liked by 1 person

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