STREET ART: Jonesy -


Jonesy had been anonymous for years, that is until he was voluntarily ‘unmasked’ this year online by London street art blog Inspiring City – his only interview to date.He tends to operate alone, quickly, and mostly in London. However, there are a few Jonesy pieces in Bristol, though if you weren’t paying attention to your surroundings you’d probably miss them.


STREET ART: Jonesy -

Found in Bristol, UK


Working primarily with bronze sculpture, but also pasting up his fair share of hand-painted pieces, Jonesy explores the theme of environmental damage through his work: fossil fuels, global warming, nuclear waste, CO2 levels and more are consistently referred to. It’s clear that Jonesy has a message – and one that will resonate with the city of Bristol (where I live) voted European Green Capital of 2015: we need to clean up the planet NOW.


STREET ART: Jonesy -


His sculptures are beautifully intricate and normally fixed to walls in places you wouldn’t notice upon first glance, which seems to hint that he doesn’t want his work to be noticed quite as easily as most other street artists do. Still, you can find many pieces throughout Bristol and London – as long as you keep your eyes open 😉


STREET ART: Jonesy -

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