STREET ART: Gesta Future

Gesta Future / Gesta Future FB

Today I’m featuring a surrealist-inspired street artist whose work I have gradually become more familiar with, simply because I can… and, of course, because his work is awesome! 😀

Gesta work in progress

‘Post Fata Resurgam’ in progress // Malta Street Art Festival 2015 [photo by Valentina Venditti]

I first spotted Gesta Future‘s ‘Astroface’ stuck on a wall in Rome, Italy, but it didn’t have a name by it, which nearly drove me mad wondering who had put it there and whether it was even intentional. Luckily for me I spotted another couple in Rome, this time with tags, and from there I started following Gesta’s artistic progression. Since my first spotting of the Astroface, Gesta has completed a huge amount of work. It is amazing  to see an artist so dedicated to progressing his artistic abilities!

astroface rome.jpg

‘Astroface’ in Rome, Italy [photo by cosmic traveller]


Gesta Future is an artist and street artist born in 1983, and based in Rome, Italy. His artistic career began in 1998 with graffiti writing and tags and experimentation with different letter forms. As his craft developed he naturally progressed into sending messages through his art, outgrowing the letters he had enjoyed for so long.

phoenix gestafuture.jpg

Gesta Future for Re_Acto Fest 2015 [photo by Valentina Venditti]

Gesta Future 'Amore Marziano' Dali.jpg

‘Amore Marziano’ in Valencia, Spain [photo by Valentina Venditti]

In 2014 he stopped lettering and started to work on and develop a figurative style. Throughout the years Gesta Future has turned his hand to various artistic endeavours, with his work steadily growing more prolific.

Amongst these works you’ll find various mediums and styles: Dali-esque figurature in acrylic, watercolour and spray paint; sculptures and paintings making use of ceramic, wood and canvas; beautifully intricate watercolours, even putting his mark on advertisements and billboards… and of course his famous Astroface, which was what led me to his work. I have to admit… the Astrofaces are my favourite, just for their simplicity 😉

gesta future billboard.jpg

‘Disumanizzazione Tecnologica’ in Rome, Italy  (LOVE IT!) [Photo by Valentina Venditti

Gesta Future Watercolour Figure.jpg

With his more recent work, however, he aims to ‘simplify the visual impact of my work to make a direct message’. Although Gesta Future is multi-talented in various mediums and styles, he has no particular favourite; his paintings, he says, allow him to ‘achieve artworks more complex and structured’, whilst his sculptures are ‘free from all bonds’.


GF: “The ‘AstroFace’ appeared early in some of my dreams so blurred. One day in a shop of fine arts my eyes went to a piece of clay and I immediately felt the need to buy it without knowing why. When I arrived home I immediately set to work and I started to shape my first face naturally”.

(I featured the Astroface in this blog post, 5 Artists Who Invade Cities, amongst various other street artists whose work also appears prolifically across the globe).

Gesta Future Astroface


GF: “Definitely Salvador Dali, not only for his art but also for the methods he used. Contemporary artists that I admire are Pixel Pancho and Interesni Kazki, both with a very personal style.”

Sleep by Salvador Dali.jpg

Sleep‘ by Salvador Dali


Pixel Pancho in Bristol, UK [photo courtesy of HOOKED]

Interezni Kazki.jpg

Interezni Kazki [photo courtesy of Team Jander]


GF:The art made on the street allows you to be yourself without superstructure… the night is an invitation. Art is meant to be seen by many people as possible and what is a better place than on the street. Without any influence, people turning the corner and raising eyes could see and interpret an AstroFace with own way. Everything seen affects us in some ways and who knows how art (of today) can be used for some reason in the future?”

Gesta Future shares very similar sentiments to me; I too love the freedom of the street and it’s lack of limits… I get frustrated at the notion of there being ‘acceptable’ places to exhibit art (notably galleries and designated exhibitions). Also, “the night is an invitation“…. beautiful.

Gesta art large - lady .jpg

Gesta Future for Opera per YUT Urban Art Festival [Photo by Valentina Venditti]


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