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Liox is one of my favourite street artists… yes, I know I say that about every artist I know, but this time I say it for good reason. Firstly, I don’t have a clue who they are*, and secondly, they make beautiful statement art and leave it all over the streets of Paris for anyone to take (‘take-away art’), which (in my humble and biased opinion) is crazy cool.

liox paris street art cosmic traveller blog

It means art-obsessed individuals like moi can not only view it on the streets but they can also take it home too… and who doesn’t love free art? And don’t worry – Liox intends for the public to take it so there’s no stealing involved.

I got my very own Marianne when I was in Paris. Admittedly, I took it off a lamp post without knowing it was ‘take-away’ art but it was stuck up with a single piece of sellotape- if I didn’t take it, it would’ve been lost to the wind anyway. And who did I pick up? Marianne Zen, who I have now framed and lovingly placed in my lounge to look at and remind myself everyday of how much I love Paris. 🙂

(I know they’re a man… who sometimes dresses as a woman… but I’m not sure whether Liox identifies as a male or female or not, so for the purpose of this article I will refer to Liox ambiguously as much as I can.)

So what do we know about Liox?

Liox was born in Paris and trained at the celebrated École d’Arts Graphiques Corvisart but now lives and works in Ménilmontant. He/she is most well-known for their ‘Marianne‘ series; a huge, expansive collection of painted ‘Mariannes’ all with different themes and statements. The historic Marianne is a symbol of France; an icon of freedom and democracy against all forms of dictatorship.


marianne liox paris street art cosmic traveller blog

Sad Marianne, which popped up after the Paris tragedy in November 2015

Liox says, “I stick original sketches in the street, leaving them for whoever wants to take them. Drawings to grab and stick somewhere else…or if they really don’t please people, to rip, tag or write comments on” (-love an artist that accepts their work is gonna get tagged on; it literally always happens when I paste up).


There’s no secret formula. You need to spend time walking the streets of East Paris, or hang out in Ménilmontant in the 20th arrondissement. Failing that, try searching around the streets of Café Ménilmontant where Liox has been known to frequent.

In 2007, at the Nuit Blanche event in Paris (really fun art event, read here for more), he hosted an event called the ‘Forêt de Dessins de Mariannes‘ (Forest of Drawings of Marianne) where he created 2007 of his Marianne pieces and hung them in the town hall of the 4th arrondissement for visitors to take if they wanted.

He then copied this event later on at the Ateliers D’Artistes de Belleville.

I don’t know if there’s a next one, but I’m keeping an eye on Liox’s Facebook page just in case 😉


Photo courtesy of


Photo courtesy of

Alongside these take-away-art galleries, he is also known for his Subway parties (!):

Have you found a Liox? Let me know in the comments and tell me which one you found!

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