STREET ART: Ear and There

Ear and There // @earandthere

Ear and There is one of my all-time favourite art projects taken to the streets. Nobody really knows who is behind the project but it doesn’t really matter as it’s a global creative experience with ears placed in more than 57 countries!

ear rome

Arco della Pace, Milan, Italy / courtesy of Ear and There

So how does it work? You contact Ear and There, they send you three ears. You can then place those ears wherever you want! If you want you can paint them or add to them… some people even incorporate them into physical artworks. The first ears started appearing in April 2013 (more than 2 years ago), but the Instagram (and website) only really popped up last year. Now nearly 500 ears have been placed in nearly 60 countries!

I first noticed ears stuck to walls when I went to Paris, France. After that, I spotted another in Rome, Italy. I couldn’t find out who had put them there for about two years, then with some good investigation I found out! And then I was hooked. You know how much I love street artists who invade cities (read STREET ART: 5 Artists Who Invade Cities!)

I also added to the invasion 😉 Keep reading to see the pics!

What is Ear and There all about?

Ear and There was sparked from a curious interest in the relationship between human’s want to justify the shapes of living things with the idea of a body part that seems to lack justification; the absurdity of the ear as a hole with something attached rather than just the hole alone:

“I really like the improbable organic shape of the ears. Why are they shaped like this? Why this tortuous shape? Usually we like to justify shapes of living things by linking them to their function, but one hole instead of an ear would not have had the same function? In this way, they look absurd to me, as lacking of justifications”.

Many people, upon further thought, may describe the shape of the ear as ‘weird’, with E&T adding; “the ears may leave a question mark and space for interpretation”.

Coolest places you’ll find ears

Italy: One in a contemporary art museum, Castello di Rivoli, and the other one in the contemporary art gallery, Venice Biennale

North Korean territory: Placed on the North Korean embassy in Stockholm, Sweden…

NYC: Telephone receiver on the corner of Fifth Avenue

Corner of Fifth Avenue and 12st Street, New York City, USA

Corner of Fifth Avenue and 12st Street, New york City, USA

Iceland:  The photo is taken on a boat  with a whale in the background (!)

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Officially part of an exhibition in the Amsterdam Museum until January 2016, placed in collaboration with Wolfgang Josten and Bunny Brigade

New York meets the Dam, Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam,  The Netherlands [collaboration with Bunny Brigade and Wolfgang Josten]

New York Meets the Dam‘ [until Jan 2016], Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands [collaboration with Wolfgang Josten and Bunny Brigade]

Amazing, huh?

I really enjoy watching the project spread, so it must be really satisfying and beautiful to see so many people participating. There seems to be no ‘official point’ of the project, at least, nothing has been specifically stated by Ear and There themselves. However, watching people all over the world connect and share the experience of placing ears just shows how beautiful and culturally transcendent art can be.

So with that, here’s my contribution to the project:

Location: John Lennon Wall, Prague, Czech Republic (Velkopřevorské náměstí, 100, 00 Praha 1)



Read Who’s Hiding Tiny Ears All Over Your City? on VICE

Visit Ear and There Website / Ear and There Instagram

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