Cosmic Traveller in Prague!

One week in Prague, Czech Republic: probably the best week ever I’ve ever lived, for so many reasons!


Prague is more graffiti-orientated than actual street art. I walked for what felt like a thousand miles, exploring every part of the city and even in the more urban places it seems people love the old tagging their names or scrawling little phrases, but I actually only saw about ten pieces of art created for the purpose of being street art, and two of those were Invaders!

Still, my goal was to plaster the area of the John Lennon wall with my art for people to take if they liked it. It was fun! And successful.

All these, by the way, were what I call my ‘quick art’. So basically I grab a piece of blank paper and I improvise. Throw some paint on, add some details, literally finish each piece within 20 minutes or less.

I like doing it because it feels like I get a lot of energy out. I also love the explosion of colour, mixed with the more intricate detail. I always expect that most pieces are going to get trashed or just ruined by being outside, so I don’t get too attached to them when I make them so quickly.  It’s really fun to do!

I chose to put them around the Lennon Wall because I like the idea of tourists being on holiday or whatever and finding a cool momento of their trip to take home with them. I always find something cool on the street wherever I travel and I love it… I wanted to pass that feeling on.

While I was there I also got to add to the Ear and There project – I’ll post about that soon too 🙂

Here’s some pics:

CT Art for blog

cosmic traveller ‘quick art’ for putting around Prague










I have no idea who Mario is, but he tagged this pretty much everywhere we went!



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