Top 5 Artists of the Week! [24/8/15] Ft. Jaime Rovenstine & Amy Sia

We have a ridiculously talented list of our top artists this week – be prepared to fall head over heels for these phenomenal pieces of work 😍

1. Lisa Madigan

2. Jenny Andrews Anderson

work in progress.

A post shared by Jenny Andrews Anderson (@jennyandrewsanderson) on

oily roses on paper.

A post shared by Jenny Andrews Anderson (@jennyandrewsanderson) on

3. Jaime Rovenstine

Seriously, everything Jaime does is just amazing. You scroll down her Instagram feed and go, “Wow!”… scroll down…. “Oh my god! Wow!”… it continues like this for hours. Her expression really is something special.

Detail #jaimerovenstine

A post shared by Jaime Rovenstine (@jaimerovenstine) on

4. Amy Sia

Another artist where everything her paint-splattered fingers touch turns to pure gold. Incredible textures, BEAUTIFUL colours and phenomenal talent!

Detail of the solstice print available on @society6 something bright for a dreary London day 😀

A post shared by Amy Sia (@amysiadesign) on

Little detail of the memory print available in our @casetify and @society6 store #marbling

A post shared by Amy Sia (@amysiadesign) on

Glacial from our @society6 store link in bio

A post shared by Amy Sia (@amysiadesign) on

5. Simon Kenny

I was walking through Bath, UK recently and strolled past an art gallery. As I turned to look in the windows I actually gasped. I couldn’t believe the beauty of the colours of Simon Kenny’s work; they look like clouds…. or galaxies… or explosions…. and are so beautifully put together! It’s almost as if they weren’t painted by hand. Something about the colours just screams passion to me; passion and drama and atmosphere… and I just love them!

So many amazing artists! So happy!

Need more art to get your fix? Check out my Pinterest board! Or click here for more inspiration //


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