Make Your Dreams Come True! …And Start NOW. Not Tomorrow.

We all tell ourselves we want to do something, or be someone, or stick to a fitness routine etc. And we all have a thousand excuses for why we can’t start today.

Tomorrow you’re just too busy. The next day you’re too tired after work to start. Then the next day you spend so much time researching and getting inspired for your new habit that, yet again, you tell yourself you’ll start tomorrow as you’re pretty tired now.

Enough excuses.

Enough telling yourself you’re too tired, just get up and go. Think about it; if someone told you your building was on fire and you had to get out NOW you would, wouldn’t you?
It would be imperative that you get moving to avoid inevitable death. It wouldn’t matter how tired you were, you’d be hop-footing your ass out of that building as quickly as possible.

So, you weren’t too tired when it was a matter of life or death that you escape the fire now were you? But you’re too tired to get up and start forming a new habit or routine?

There’s a simple reason for it:  there isn’t enough urgency attached to the idea of getting started. It‘s not a matter of life or death.

…But, my friend, it is a matter of soul! And your soul will shrivel and become 1/5 of itself if you’re not pushing yourself or becoming the best version of yourself you can be. Can you really risk that? The person you are, your character, your happiness? Is watching any TV show or eating any pack of doughnuts instead of exercising worth that sacrifice?

And before you say it – you’re not ‘too busy’ either!

When you need to move house you aren’t “too busy” to do it. Sure, you may have to go to work and do a thousand other things but you work around them and find a way to pack and move everything because you have to do it. You might get home from work tired and fed up but you drink some coffee, pep yourself up and get packing as quickly as possible because you have to move that entire house of things. You just make the time around work and family and hobbies.

So why are you telling yourself you’re too busy to make your dreams come true?

Make the time! After all, it‘s your time. Only you can manage it. And if you’re watching TV or films or going shopping or doing anything else that isn’t entirely necessary for survival (I’ve left seeing friends out because we all need time to see the ones we love) then, again, you’re putting excuses in front of yourself, quite literally.

I have a friend who quit smoking like that. She was queuing up to buy cigarettes when I said to her, “So when are you going to give up smoking?” And she replied, “I don’t know“. We stood there in silence for a minute waiting for the queue to go down and then she suddenly declared, “Ok, let’s go,” and just like that she walked out of the shop. No hesitation. At that moment in time it hit her that she really had no reason to be smoking – she wasn’t stressed or having a hard time or any other reason people have for not quitting at a particular time – and she just kept giving herself excuses for why she couldn’t stop. But right in that moment she decided that was it. She honestly hasn’t smoked since and it‘s been over a year now.

We always find excuses. We do. It‘s procrastination. It‘s hard work sticking to a new habit or hobby and keeping up the momentum requires extraordinary willpower and dedication.
But every time you put it off for another day you lose that motivation. You feel less like someone who can actually stick to a new routine. You feel let down by yourself. You feel weak. And you feel like the mountain just got bigger. Now it‘s not just motivation and dedication you need, it‘s to break through the procrastination aswell, along with the sense of failure and defeat you now have too. You’ve just added a couple more mountains in front of the others that were already there.
Here’s the big secret: just do it.

Quite literally, when you’re sitting there looking at pics of super toned peeps on Instagram thinking, “I wish I could look like them“… Well, stop wishing. You can start that journey TODAY. Honestly, like.. right now.

Just get up and do it. Procrastination is a b*tch.

Love your friend, Sparky xo


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